Thursday, August 12, 2010

commonwealth games

all the modern day beggars, have at one go, gone at Suresh Kalmadi,at one swoop,they all ran behind him,and are now barking loudly,as there does not seem to be much to bite at.every part of this group is now dancing the rabid dog dance, very soon, they will be touting 1000 rupees,10,000 rupees and 1,00,000 rupees.

some new whizkid went to some stadium and showed that it was under construction.but how many are ready,does anyone provide that information.

the poor and gullible lot, the so called educated classes,who have the least idea about politics and activities that are bigger than they can comprehend, are again being fooled and taken advantage of.

how they are being fooled,when will they come to know?

so many important things were debated in parliament,food security,state bank of India,legal issues etc.
but the modern day beggars, all at one go, select the least useful subject available.

earlier, it was the spectrum scam.

application of mind, do not expect it from the pack.

when something real happens,they will not be believed.

the educated classes, who do not want to believe that good is possible,meanwhile, continues in its descent into the slow death.

just like all those who think that there is something noble about hindutva,and who also think that there is something noble about the bjp.

maybe, these two groups are the one and the same.

the so called educated classes are probably now addicted to getting fooled,the death wish.

the state is warning to those who still are having doubts, with regard to the nobility of hindutva.they should see that it is a deathwish of the mind,which results in addiction to lies and falseood.

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