Sunday, August 15, 2010

afzal guru

all those who kept asking about afzal guru should raise the issue with force now, now that kashmir is in the spotlight.

if the television news channels have any claim to doing everything,just about anything,in the quest for total success of our democracy,they must proceed further without thinking,and raise the question now,about the delay in afzal guru's hanging.

the bjp of course,must realise that now is the right time to raise a loud campaign to hang afzal guru.advani and gadkari must hold rath yatras and padayatras to ask for afzal guru's hanging is bound to give trouble to the government,it will mobilise all the hardline right-wing rambos,it will probably trigger more tension,and possibly a few terrorist attacks by pakistani-backed groups who would want to pitch with their bit,the government can be blamed for deterioration of law and order,and governor's rule can be imposed in j&k,and then after they hopefully come to power, they can send back either jagmohan or sk sinha.

all the netizens, the educated classes, the shobhaa des, the suhel seths, must be out on the streets,immediately, without any delay,calling for the immediate execution of afzal guru.

the hopeless governments at the state and the centre must be brought to task.

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