Wednesday, August 25, 2010

could and should the tamils be arrogant

would the tamils be arrogant.

how did the tamils get to be, the custodians of the culture, the saviours of the good, the holders of the innocent, the inheritors of the pure, the progenitors of all that is unpretentious.

how did we become unassuming. why did we become unassuming.
when all the undeserving scum began to behave like the prime progenitors. why in the world did the brahmins and the jews get to behave like they were special. why did the third rate achievers get to dominate our lives. oh creator, did you want us to be subjugated, so that we do not become arrogant. oh creator, we do not have it in ourselves to behave arrogant and superior. we never would have turned like that. the purest good resides in us, as does the purest fight. we will fight all the dogs who have been tasked by you to act arrogant and stupid.

why are we so simple and so pure. why are we so good. why are you so good to us. why did you endow us with so much simplicity, so much good, so much purity. it is too much good, oh creator.

why did the others not get the good leaders, why did the others not get the greatest leaders, why did you give us all the simplicity, and all the leaders as well. what did we do to deserve all the greatness.

and then you get us to watch a sinhalese joker.


even as our brethren also are divided, into karuna and devananda, forgetting that they are the inheritors.

what is the point.

do we have to read dinamani, kalki, ananda vikatan and indian express, what is the point?

could the tamils ever be arrogant, we love everyone, why does everyone want to think of us as otherwise.

the end is near, all the people that you gave victory have proved that they are undeserving.

if you think that we are hopelessly divided amongst ourselves, what was the point in getting us to be divided like this.

did we create the divisions, or were they invented for us.

whatever all may be, eelam is non-negotiable. 

for pirapaharan, for thileepan, for kuttimani, for kadirgamar, for thiruchelvam, for padmanabha, for charles anthony, for balraj, for rajiv, for tamilselvan, for all the thousands.

do you want to check numbers, or do you want to check sacrifice, or do you want to check zeal.

you will not find anywhere.

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