Sunday, August 15, 2010

pankaj mishra

i ve come across pankaj mishra for the first time, thanks to sikander hayat,

pankaj mishra seems to be totally confused.he raises the issues of hindu supremacists and malfunctioning electoral democracy, and taks about the elites.

but he does not talk about the elected governemnt in jammu and kashmir.

who are these people that rule the state? are they hindu supremacists.being a media personality,this must have been the safest way to talk about kashmir.

what about all the millions of people who celebrate independence day,including the millions of muslims that live in India.

are all of them also contemptibly touting "garish notions of India as an "economic powerhouse" and "vibrant democracy" – the calling cards with which Indian elites apply for membership to the exclusive clubs of the west."

are all of the millions of people who live in India, not worthy of being asked for their opinions. does pankaj mishra talk for all the millions who work towards making the vast country that is India.

do all the millions who go about their lives with simplicity and the spirit of live and let live,all the millions who welcome pluralism and welcome outside people and cultures, do all these millions need some one like pankaj mishra, to spite their achievement of living togeter, do all these millions need the educated pankaj mishra to accuse them of strangulating the kashmiris.

if the opposition space in kashmir is filled with totally wasted parties like the pdp, and with escapist and those-not-willing-to-standup-and be counted-groups like the hurriyat, if the the pdp and the hurriyat have abdicated, why is the abstract Indian state being blamed?

If pankaj mishra had at least attempted to talk about omar abdullah,he would have been certified as quarter fit to write on behalf of the billion citizens of india.

the biggest humor is this guy talks about the choleric tv anchors, who are producing products exactly like himself, who act all wise and smart, and yet have no real connect.

all the small town hops seem to have done pankaj mishra no good.

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