Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ravi shankar prasad

the last word has been said on the dishonourable and on the absolute slap on the face of human dignity.

how can people such as this live,spouting falsehood.

how can people forget that there is a call to honour and to honesty.

the sad shame that destiny heaped on us Indians,has to have run its sad course. the limit has surely been reached.

all the poor people that still continue to make fools of themelves,by rallying behind this group of totally undistinguished and undeserving and unindian paragons of sickness,will from now on,begin to be seen as only those who were also in league,in the search for a dishonest and disingenuous elevation,among all the simple and the wise and the inheritors of the special place where civilisation flourishes.

the sickest part is that those that came without anything,struck root among the simplicity and the wisdom,and then turned to twist everything to its worldview and its need.

never knew to live among the people in the new home,and after all the centuries has run its course of wrecking havoc.the truthful way would have gained the peace and the harmony of true assimilation. the lie-filled way sustained these outsiders all these centuries,and then has let them fall,down to crash and die.never knew to repent.those who have proved themselves to be honourable and have elevated themselves from this sordid story have to start distancing themselves quickly.


all those who were afflicted by this virus of allowing a false superiority have to shake themselves out of the tragedy that it led to.

if ravi shankar prasad wants to redeem himself, it is time to begin a party,or to identify other opportunities.it is never too late to realise folly.

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