Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the humans taunt history

why has the sinhalese establishment become incapable of understanding and acting in the honourable time-tested way of using wisdom.
why has the blood rush happened to them that wants them to forget history and turn greedy.
why are they so insecure,when the tamils only ask for their homeland,they are not claiming something that is not theirs,they are claiming what is rightfully theirs.
are the sinhalese so afraid of losing what they have gained,even though it has been ages since they might have arrived on the island.
why does the late-comer behave with such existential angst.
will a younger brother feel aggrieved that his elder brother has more pedigree,will such a younger brother then attempt to erase all evidence of his elder brother.

why do the sinhalese not realise that they are walking on thin ice, in terms of inviting the retribution of the natural force of justice.they just will not have it all for themselves,they do not need it all for themselves.

give man something that is too good to be true, and watch him turning arrogant.this must be the thought of nature.

at this moment,when the sinhalese have the chance to maintain the island as one country,they are doing everything possible to go in te reverse direction.Tamil Eelam will become a reality,but the chance to live together as one by forgetting,repenting and rethinking is slowly being lost.

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