Monday, June 7, 2010

prisoners of war and the economic prime minister manmohan singh

it seems as if prisoners of war are normally kept without their clothes on.
the hypocritical governments of the west are at least slowly and steadily finding their voice against the sri lankan state.
our great hyped prime minister,who is supposedly some divinely clean holy cow,does not have a voice,and so cannot be expected to know anything other than managing the economy.
the poor prime minister,must be thinking that managing the economy makes him too good a personality to be worrying about the normal affairs of human beings.
at least, the government of tamil nadu must ask about the prisoners of war,and the conditions under which they are being kept.
does not any person have it in them to ask about the state of the prisoners of war.
the sinhalese victors are playing with fire and it will only be  a matter of time before they realise that you cannot cheat and be greedy and yet stay on top.
so,no one is bothered about the prisoners of war.
one unwise sri lankan minister said seeman was the supporter of the ltte and hence,his views must not have been sought.
do these failed human beings,want to believe that there is no supporter of the ltte,and that they can destroy every sign of the war.
if the sinhalese government has any sense of fairplay,it will keep the graves of the ltte intact,and the signs of the ltte intact,as they represented the force,that made an attempt to bring the greed of the sri lankan government to a stop.
once they begin to destroy the graves,it is evident that they have no claim to decency and to peace.

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