Saturday, June 19, 2010


kalaignar has spoken wisdom on numerous occasions,but who listens.
everyone wants to pull in their own way and direction.
no one wants to heed the words of the most experienced and most accomplished leader.

today,jayalalithaa has as usual issued her diatribe,only today,she has raised the eelam issue again.

while it is emotional opportunism,what everyone needs to ponder is about a representative of the tamil people.
karuna,devananda, are taking care of their own fiefdoms.
the tna is also pulling in different directions.

what can the cm do,in such a situation.
no one evcer bothered to seek the counsel of kalaignar.
nedumaran and vaiko are never able to think of themselves as nothing other than injured cross-bearers.
the types of nedumaran,have wasted their lives,in the pursuit of a revolution,a revolution against kalaignar.
for what?
only,these types will be able to answer.
if only,all these characters realised that the eelam tamils can be supported by us,only by strengthening our chief minister,not be aiming diatribe against him,our eelam tamils would have received a required shield from us.
portals like tamilnet also joined in this unpardonable folly.

how does a warrior treat his defeated foe,that is the sign of a sustained peace.
when there is a thrust into the raw wounds,the times are bound to change, and the cycle will continue.

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