Wednesday, June 2, 2010

israel and sri lanka

israel is punishing the people of the gaza strip for having exercised their democratic option and for having voted for the hamas.
the hamas is not able to digest the fact of the existence of the state of israel,populated as it is by people such as those that govern it,and achieved as it was,by stealing and subterfuge.
the hamas has the right to deny israel its existence,the people have the right to support or reject the ideology of hamas.
israel has the right to defend itself,when attacked,but does it have the right to prevent people from thinking and voting.
if the people of the gaza strip endorse a war to the finish,israel must fight to defend its territory,which was anyway achieved by aggression.

the sri lankan government has the right to defend itself,but does it have the right to prevent people from wanting their own country.
a youth was arrested for possessing a ltte song on his mobile phone last week.
the totalitarian state that is attempting to stamp out every aspiration of the people,by attempting to depict its overwhelming presence is not being condemned by any state or the un.

who are the sinhalese to prevent the state of eelam from regaining its past position.
if the british rule is used to erase the past and create a sinhalese superiority,then the tamils have the right to reclaim their land and country.
if the sinhalese acknowledge the duality of the past,then there can only be a constitution like that of India.
over here, we have newer states that have evolved over the years.
the least that the sinhalese president must put forward is a formation of an indian-type constitution or otherwise,the formation of the north and the east into a new state.

the call for eelam must be loud and clear from the transnational government.
then, we will know,who is opposing it.
the sri lankan state can suggest alternatives,whereby a single country can accomodate every peoples rightful position.

the dmk should think of expanding itself into sri lanka,so that the casteist mentality of certain sections of the eelam tamils,is not allowed to mar the new beginning.

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