Monday, June 21, 2010

the fool

mahinda rajapakse is a fool of a pedigree,that cannot have been imagined by any human being.
if george bush was the target of jokes,he could have been said to be only going after those that attacked his country.his attackers tageted his country because they felt that the u.s was meddling in the afairs of others.

though george bush has achieved a semblance of victory,george bush and his successors will surely not pretend to imagine that iraq and afghanistan are theirs to be lorded over.

the fool of sri lanka has now had one year to state the obvious,to heal the wounds,to apply the balm of reaching out.

instead, the fool behaves like he is just a successful politician,not someone who is sitting at a unique moment,where there is a chance to grasp peace,by atoning for the past.

the fool has let slipped the opportunity,basically because it was not in him to know the big picture.and now,that the people of eelam have been given a chance to have a good hard look at all the struggles and all the blemishes, a new arising is to shine,and one can only feel sorry for the fool,who lives on borrowed time,and on borrowed land.

why could'nt it have been better for the fool,why could nt he have found it in himself to act noble, with honour,with truth....why did he have to fall a victim of buddhist fundamentalism..

all his people know that they are having a temporary fantasy...and the fool continues to behave like a successful politician.

the eelam leader,knew the nature of the opposition very well.

as the divinely ordained conference in coimbatore celebrates classical tamil,the hero who fought for his people,will know that the fight was a good fight,the way to live,when faced with a foe,be it a stupid one or even a childish one,the classical way,was demonstrated.

the world tamil classical conference will be the crown of the eelam army,that fought for its land.

the chance to recognize the opposing ones,those that have come and spread their poison in the pure and sweet pongal,the ones who live in the bounty of nature,and yet lie and spread poison with pride and deceit.

these are the ones, that history is revealing to us,as the language of the earth comes back to calm the human beings, who have lost themselves to the different unnatural pulls and urges of disharmony and disintegration.

and the fools in tamilnadu,the vaikos and the jayalalithaas,and some striking lawyers,also continue to act out their roles of jokers to history.

fools exist everywhere,but to have a fool at the moment of destiny is the curse of the sinhalese people.

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