Friday, May 7, 2010


as NDTV-Hindu demands an apology from A.Raja on behalf of the journalistic community for manhandling reporters, it is time that the reality of the media is brought to stare in the face of the young,wet behind the ears kids,who go about innocently under the delusion,that they are some kind of devout crusaders.

if the reporters work for free,then they can be countenanced for all their amateurish overzealousness.

it is the media person/persons,who obstructed the minister,the representative of the people,by thrusting a mike into his face,even as it was obvious that he was in no mood to talk spite of his reluctance, he managed to keep a conversation going.but, the reporter kept at it with inelegance. if she wanted to interview the minister, she had to ask for an interview. she did not have to run like a crazed junkie.

the minister must demand an apology from the reporter/reporters for behaving like a pack of loonies.

in the case of the high court incident, if the reporter is so serious about striving for pictures,then the ruling part cadre will also be serious,about not allowing some publicity seekers to get coverage,at the expense of the chief minister.that cameraman was there to cover the function,if asked for the rolls,he should have handed it over,without too much of a fuss.everyone knows the way the opposition is bent on disregarding courtesy and decency,why does the cameraman want to help the opposition,was it some person who had been deprived justice that was raising slogans against the government?no, it was a couple of idiots,and who in fact deserved what they got.

ever since the electronic media came into prominence, all kinds of kids,with possibly every kind of world view,have begun to think of themselves as THE CRUSADERS. they have been given enough leeway,these greenhorns. it is time to ask these incredibly-flawed-in-their thinking crusaders to give the people a break,they should have grown up by now.

the broadcast of the tapes of A.Raja are a serious issue, and will have serious consequences.the way the channel HEADLINES TODAY is going about portraying the matter,as if the minister is personally under investigation,is a serious matter.

the recordings were not kosher,but to telecast them is a open call to strife.this will not be taken in  stride,whoever is behind it will realise that this is not going to go down simply.

there is a guy who should not be a greenhorn,but who is making a fool of himself,every saturday.being the editor of a newspaper, this guy plumbs the depths of reckless idiocy. it can only be wished that people like aditya sinha realise that there is no need to make a public spectacle of their lack of journalistic calibre.if this pitiable editor has such calibre,then what can one expect from the new kids on the block.the way this guy has written this article has to be read to be believed.he refers to the chief minister of the state by adding a title to a respectable and endearing encomium that was earned by the highest adherence to standards and discipline.
why does this guy think he can comment on the living legend of our times,does he think that being a journalist,he is higher than every other being and thought.such foolishness is what goes on as journalism in today's world.the chinese and the vietnamese do not brook such fools,but we do,as otherwise, aditya sinha will not have food on the table.


BK Chowla, said...

In the country, no politicians stands accountable. There are enough laws to take care of him.
In the country, TV reporters is the new Maharaja class

samurai said...

they can do no wrong,they are forever right.