Monday, April 26, 2010


every citizen of the country must ask themselves,if they were to sit in the opposition benches,would they lose every bit of honour,would they become sick and stupid,would they lose all self respect?

if they answer yes,then the behaviour of the bjp and the admk can be understood.
if they answer no,then they have to ask the questions of these parties.

these parties are at the shameful worst that any human can descend to in this world, especially when they occupy positions which are meant to be leadership positions.
there appears to be no chance in this world for honour and decency to afford a way to attain one's goals in life, if one goes by the acts of the bjp and the admk.
these parties are slowly and steadily dissolving into the darkness,never to be seen again.
but as they disappear,they are inflicting the best of their worst.


BK Chowla, said...

If I understand you correctly, you are criticising BJP. II would appreciate if you can elaborate as it is not clear.

samurai said...

sir,all you have to do is watch parliament proceedings daily and you will understand the total lack of standards in the way that the bjp group is as if those who do not have talent gravitate to the bjp.