Sunday, March 21, 2010

The task is simple yet complex

 it is the simplest of cases but there are a multitude of interested parties,hovering like blood thirsty vampires.
the sooner that they retreat,the better it is for themselves.
why could we not state the case that was simple.
the eelam army took the decision to fight to the finish and remove the yoke of terrorism that had been piled upon the independence movement.
now that the label has been removed from the propagandists,the simple task ahead will probably be spoilt by the other tamils,the ones who have gone their own way in search of identities and probably in the face of the human inability to overcome personal animosities.such things are very normal in human co-habitations and they are not traitors as they have been labeled.the devanandas and the karunas should first be embraced and brought into the grand unity that should be developed.the eelam army  was the sole reason for the fight being taken to the logical conclusion.others also did what they could,but in history only a few possess the view and the tenacity and the ability to lead people and history will forever be acknowledged.
the problem is one of trust now,the fear of treason will be overcome by transparency as there was in the diaspora vote.
everything should be in the open.
the eelam army will be rebuilt as the army of eelam.
the sinhalese will be the neighbours and all will move freely between the two countries.the two countries inhabit one of the most beautiful places on the planet and will live together.

today,the united states has been talking about not building on occupied is amazing that the world cannot understand that what sri lanka committed was an invasion and it is now setting out to obliterate history and make developments in the occupied territories.
the belief is that there will not be any more prabakarans.the victory-rush victims will be brought back to their senses.
before that,the call for unity must be made.
the pitiable sri lankan government has set up a committee to go into the causes,it cannot do anything else,its compulsions will not allow it to do anything else.
when could it have gone the extra cannot do it at anytime other than before the presidential election.the victory would have become total or the defeat should have been faced.

the decision to fight the last battle was statesmanly and unparallelled.the task is simple now.
we in india must learn to keep our selves united by developing the country and not by wrecking other'd aspirations.
the government also probably was involved in the decision to remove the label of terrorism and then the obvious must only happen.
china and its media must realise that if everything is business,then there is no need for a communist government.
the communist government will by now be possibly finding it possible to have some culture here and there,that will be the lesson for china in this,as it begins to move back into its territory in the search for markets and expansions.every country must look inwards if they want to develop with honour.the americans and their methods got discredited as they tried to ape the past and the british in trying to topple unhelpful rulers.

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