Sunday, March 28, 2010

narendra modi

the obc youth who got into the organisation that peddles brahmanism.
the organisation that has to spread lies so that it retains some followers.
the organisation that knows that without creating some enemy,the organisation and brahmanism itself will be found out and pushed to a corner.

hence,this organisation fools the people into believing that there was some kind of unnatural interruption when the islamic invasions happened.the lies fed to the people trying to get them to think that what existed earlier was some ashram and some gurujis where everyone was in excellent spiritual bliss,the grand age of the scientist/sage who had everything figured out and who had the people eating out of their hands.

and this obc youth,narendra modi slowly got poisoned and when faced with the responsibility of the position that fate had bequeathed him,the poison inside him gave him only one way.
all the lies and all the frauds that he had imbibed since childhood led him into acting just like he acted.
he committed the biggest sin of breach of trust and allowed people to get killed.

today,he is probably realising the depth of the falsehoods that turned him into the ruler who let his people down.
if someone has been fed falsehood to the extent that any member of the rss will have,it is a destruction of a life,a wrecking of the promise and a conversion of a energetic human into a pathetic state where all he can possess is hatred.normality is lost and he is turned into a condition where he just cannot is a state of total takeover of the mind.
what will happen to such youth when they realise that it is all a sick lie.that one class has used them as stepping stones to stay in the public view.
it is the worst crime that can be committed and continues to be committed daily.
normal indian youth who are the descendants of the land that knew how to accept the new and also retain the old,the descendants of the pragmatic and peaceful occupiers of the subcontinent.these descendants are being poisoned day in and day out that they have to avenge some thing.the falsehood that poisons the core is that the invader was able to totally and without any reason or system was able to destroy everything.
there was one such invader and he left destruction wherever he went,he reached the gates of europe.
the state of the world was one of invasions and monarchs and killing and armies.
but,some monarch from some kilometres away is labeled as outsider while others within some band of kilometres are labeled insiders.
the insiders can kill and fight and pillage.
the outsider cannot do the same.
and what are they doing,both the insider and the outsider,they want to rule the most number of subjects.

narendra modi will now be realising that his life was taken for a ride.he can still redeem himself by writing about the falsehoods that made him the modern tyrant who allowed his subjects to be condemned to mob violence.
if he goes looking back into history,he will not find more than a couple of medieval or pre-medieval tyrants who betrayed their own people.

 the mongols were the only ones who killed without reason.they emerged out of the mountains and did not know any other way to react when they saw the cities and the advances.they just could not get it,it was beyond their comprehension.
but at no other time in history other than hitler's germany were people fated to be ruled by a tyrant who approved that they be punished.

the obc youth now is 60 years old and wants to rule.the obc youth has begun to like the job of the chief minister.
but,the poison that he has imbibed in the past got him to lose all the facets of his people at that time in history when he was governing the entire territory.

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