Sunday, March 14, 2010

finally,the tamils find a way for the sri lankans

The sinhalese used force and savoured the victory.After the victory,they developed an unhurried attitude.Now,what was unable for them,the setting out of a compromise,has been spelt out.

It is now for the state to respond.
but,what will most likely happen.the divisions within the tamil parties will be sought to be leveraged and the political show will go on.
if the offer is grasped,the opposition might make a commotion.but,the opposition here seems to be quite reasonablr and mature.contrary to THE HINDU's thinking that the opposition committed a blunder by rallying behind fonseka,the opposition raised the issues that were causing concern.the issues were authoritarianism and a free media.
so first,the SLFP  has to win the elections and then they will spell out the plan.
in the meantime,the most cheapest  strategy has been used by the SLFP led establishment.
The sinhalese govt has set up a committee to look into the conflict and the causes.
the SLFP,if not the sinhalese must be believing that the outside world and the people of tamilnadu are some kind of retards.
the decent and normal approach will be to spell the plan and win the mandate.
here.the SLFP is doing the opposite.
give the mandate and then we will work out something.
the TNA  has told what needs to be done.
The TNA might get the same nunber of seats that it has won or might go up or down.
The SLFP  which might get the majority will try to make an attempt to portray that all is well after winning the elections.
The diversion of fonseka vs rajapakse has occupied the minds of everyone till now,nine months after the eelam army silenced its guns.
The only option for the SLFP will be to descend into a police state and repress and control everything.
this is what victory results in,the attitude that has made the sri lankan state want to train others about the ways to victory.
The TNA s asking for the easiest and the simplest.
While fighting the war,it is unthinkable that the sri lankan state did not think about solutions.
if it was caught up in the seriousness of the war and the improbable possibility of victory,then now the sri lankan stat's attention has been brought back to the here and now from the unstable state of total victory.
if both parties,the SLFP  and the UNP accept the proposals,then they can fight the elections on the local issues and based on the personalities.
wickramasinghe can become the prime minister and the democracy can gain ground.
if power and victory has gone to the heads of the SLFP,they will not respond.
the unpardonable vandalisation of the eelam army graves are not forgotten easily.
those acts can be forgiven if the reconciliation begins and the federal solution gains steam.
the two peoples can live and slowly work their way to a peaceful co-habitation.
whoever wanted to call the eelam army terrorists will at least now realise the gravity and complexity of the situation.
the response to the offer will determine the future.
the tamil people will face the police state that will have to stay arrayed forever.
this time,the support from tamilnadu will not be passive.

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