Tuesday, March 30, 2010

river of dreams

a great song by billy joel.


as some chennaiites felt the tremors of the quake from the andamans,life goes on.but in haiti,life came to a sudden halt and a new start was to be made.
many spiritual gurus and supposedly some religions too are predicting that these are the end times.
can these be the end times,what has man been doing of late t indicate that there is an end to come very soon.
killing continues as probably it has always done.the spur of the moment crime in a grimy urban brawl must have become commonplace with the forming of the big cities of the new world.the rural areas might not have had such crimes.but of late,there is the spate of honour killings and the targeting of the so-called lower castes.frontline had a cover story with a photo of a dalit whose hands and legs had been severed.
this kind of savagery cannot but be a consequence of fear,of an inability to understand that the truth from history is not what has been told and imagined.
the truth as any one can understand at least in this century is that all the talk of caste and upper and lower is related to either expansion or migration.
the one text which has a sort of an explanation for this upper and lower is the text authored by manu.
and there are many idiots in our towns and cities who actually believe this text written by some nomad at some time during the wandering.the text was held sacred to the heart by the tribe of the nomad as they had nothing else to hold on o,they had no land,no culture,no settled endeavour,no thing they could call their own.the text authored by one of their own became the only thing in the world that gave them the ability to live.
and slowly,they went from place to place,and from town to town,and being the perennial outsider were able to slowly expand their text into the minds of the settled folk.
now,they have begun to make the attempts to prove that their sacred text was actually written in the place where they live.
and all those who have become addicted to this text want to continue believing that there was a time when people could travel in the blink of an eye from the himalayas to the vindyas and from the heavens to the earth.
the gods were the devas,the villains were the asuras.
even today,there are people who are actually clinging to these fantasies.
and what these types have done,they have got a chief minister who allowed his citizens to be killed,the citizens who had to be saved by him.
the ultimate test of any ruler is the way the minorities are treated.any ordinary idiot can propagate hatred and ill-will against the minorities.
the hallmark of greatness is the ruler who understands that the minorities are the highest priority in his rule.as they fave the biggest risk of falling victim to mob violence.
the followers of narendra modi should try to search in the history books about any instance other than when the mongols reached delhi,when about 1500 people were killed in a matter of about a month.it took place in sri lanka in 1983 and in mumbai in 1993 and in gujarat in 2002.
the riots of 1984 in delhi were not sanctioned by the ruler,they took place after the ruler had been killed,in a situation of tremendous imbalance.
the buddhist fundamentalism of 1983 and the hindu fundamentalism of 1992 and 2002 were instigated by groups which wanted the power to rule.
how did they try to achieve that power.
by killing the minority.
and how did they justify their killing.
by talking about the provocation of the minority.
and what lay behind the provocation of the minority.
that was not to be thought about.
today,we have the latest,nirmala seetaraman,talking about the need to allow the law to coolly perform its duties.
the end times cannot be far when we have such kind of total inhumanity,total cowardice,total lack of character,total reduction of the human dignity,total propagation of falsehood.
the lie is the weapon of the modern religion.lie at any cost and aim to rule.
just cannot think.this is the motto of the religion of the twenty first century.
just will not be noble.this is the motto of the western capitalist.
just cannot be dignified in war and in defeat.this is the motto of the modern state.
the indian state is the exception and it continues to soldier on,amidst the sea of religions and extremists.
the dignity in defeat of the eelam army is being responded with desecration of the graves of the eelam soldiers.
this is the dignity of the sri lankan state.
how can the fight against the propaganda of the religion be fought.
the religion will use violence,the opposition will use the pen.
the religion will use contempt.the opposition will use enlightenment.
is this the battle that was intended for humanity.
at present,it is and it will be waged.
end times or no end times,humans can atleast attempt to think.


BK Chowla, said...

It is a very sensitive issue.
You sound to be justifying 1984 killings.
I wont have much to comment in this post.

samurai said...

sir,i think the facts are very obvious.
the king/queen has been killed.
all hell breaks loose.
people are deeply worried and disturbed.
there is a fear.
some loyalists of the king/queen turn this fear into hatred.
the congress is made of people like you and me.
it is the property of the whole country.
that is why the people who know the reality of life know that there is no alternative to the nehru/gandhi family.
they are the sole reason that the country is staying cohesive.
the people who realise this will have been even more disturbed when indira gandhi was killed.