Tuesday, April 6, 2010


they came out of the jungles and felled the enemy,the enemy that oppresses,the enemy that loots,the enemy that is devious,the enemy that is evil.
they came in the thousands and slew the army of the evil rulers.
they retreated into the jungles and will come back soon in another wave,at another location.
if the enemy has oppression,loot,deviousness and evil as the primary attributes,the enemy will hit back with vengeance and massive force.the enemy will massacre and decimate.
but here,the enemy is actually calling for dialogue,the enemy is not telling that one side will talk with hands tied behind while the other side will talk with a gun in its hands.the enemy is calling for a level dialogue.

the maoists are just another party but a party in a desperate urgency to seize power.they cannot wait for fourteen years like labour or twelve years like kalaignar.they want to rule and then they will do something which has not been seen anywhere else in this world.some method will be revealed to the world that will be the greatest development in the history of humanity.till that rule is at hand,they will kill in wave after wave.could there be any diference between the khmer rouge and the maoists.
how were the british ejected from India,how was hindi ejected from the dravidian land,how did mayawati get to rule UP,how does democracy work in India.these are the questions that the maoists must face up to.

the maoists are those that are ill at ease with the present life of the subcontinent.so they have swung over into the other extreme.where they feel like they have got respect.there is not any organised party structure.hence,the state must always keep the offer of dialogue open.and must slowly move into the forests.it is time that teams of commandos are sent in with the latest communications technology and slowly the area must be taken back.as for the tribal issues,the tribals living in mineral-rich places must be compensated with a part of the riches,at least 25%,and mining must be nationalised.if any steel manufacturer wants to get access to the ore,they must invest and the state must mine and hand over the ore to the plant.if such a thing happens,will it be a victory for the maoists.it can be but they could have gained it with the most little of bloodshed.at the very least,they could have asked for transparency from the governments concerned in the matter of issuance of leases.
why did the state not debate the issue properly.because a savage mob of so-called religious fanatics had held the county ransom for two decades.this mob of the lowest calibre of humans were proud about something in their past,like the creation of a text which entices the gods with sacrifices,that they cast their spell of falsehood on the countless innocent souls of the country and led them into mobs that hated and killed.
in this vacuum,the state was distracted and in this distraction,the maoists pretended to become the state.
the very clever citizens that tweet and send clever question smses to the tv channels must realise that the maoists are just performing an expanded version of the opera that they conduct daily,the railing against the state.these very clever citizens do the railing even though they possess jobs,cars and malls.the expanded version is staged by those who are not burdened with these comforts.kapil sibal gave these happy clapping,too good to be true types,a nice hard knock on the head on ndtv yesterday.but,the very state of being very clever will not allow these types to accept that some one some where is doing some good work.

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They are better prepared, have better Arms and seem to have an amazing funding structure.