Monday, March 8, 2010

much ado about nothing

if the women's bill has to be passed,let it be passed.
it can have great effect in bringing about some kind of a wind of change or it will not have such a massive effect.
if the bill is not passed today,then it will be passed tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
if those having grievances against the bill cannot articulate them or think that they would not have a chance tomorrow to get those grievances addressed,then they can resign from parliament.
if the bill is passed,then it is only natural that the ruling party will be credited with the achievement.if the bill is not passed,then the ruling party will not be credited with the achievement.
if the bill is passed,it is another phase,another experimentation and the show goes on.
it is not something that needs to be done after ejecting those opposing the bill.
the only thing that will be on the minds of the yadavs will be the subramanian swamys of the world,who will go to the courts and try and block everything and make a mockery of the secular ethos.
the poor lot which just cannot bring itself to understand that by their actions,they only end up marginalising themselves further and further.
all said and done,it is not something that will change the world tomorrow.
if the bill is passed or not passed,it does not make any big difference.
the big difference will only come when we realise that one king who supported another king in a battle with a third king is portrayed by history as a monkey god.he might be a god but he is depicted as a god who is devoted to rama,the rama who desperately needed the monkey gods support.
what did the noble from kishkindha get for his support to the north indian king.
he has been turned into a monkey god.
this is the kind of duplicity which we need to get rid of,that riddance is what will bring about the wind of change.
filling parliament with women might be a good thing,might not be such a good thing but it is not going to change everything overnight.
the duplicities behind the elevation of rama the king into rama the god are the types of thinking that the yadavs fear,all that they have achieved in terms of social justice will be overturned very easily by just raising the issue of krishna the god.then there will be a few more centuries of enslavement of the mind and total frustration and stagnation as the vedas are used once again to torture and torment the people and their lives.
the capabilities of these conspiracies to turn the kings into gods and then proceed to control the people is the most frustrating and unimaginable thing that a people can encounter.
having faced the plight of centuries gone by where an unnatural strangulation of the people took hold and having only now become possible to break the shackles,the revolution that might still be reversed using the name of the kings that have been turned into gods,the yadavs know what they are up against.
when the leadership is fearful of the designs of the vedas and their propagators,that is when the true value of leaders like periyar,anna,kalaignar is realised.
even though the yadavs are politically strong,they know that the vedas and their propagators will find it very easy to gain reentry into the peoples minds,at the slightest lowering of the guard.
you let it inside in the spirit of secularism and all you get is the prospect of a slow descent into stagnation.


BK Chowla, said...

I wonder if most of us know the exact content of the proposed bill.
But, isn't it going to be anti-democratic when the voters choice gets restricted??

samurai said...

sir,the choice is from among the people and is not going to be a candidate from somewhere else.
reservation is warranted given the social realities,as the demand has been made,but a 15% reservation seems to be something easily acceptable.either way,there are issues.the best way forward is according to the tamilnadu cm,let us have the quota and go forward and then do whatever might be required.
in tamilnadu,the social justice movement has achieved some finality but in the north,the chances of the social justice getting reversed is what is driving the intense opposition to the bill.the forces that use religion as a political tool are still out there and for such forces,women have been easily won over.the women who do not realise the long term consequences are easily fooled by the gods and the mantras.even among the men,there is an inclination to take the easy way out,by just going along with what someone else tells us,that someone else turns our kings into gods and traps us,then divides us and sits back and enjoys from the position of control.the masses can easily be fooled with the mantras and the tantras.