Friday, February 19, 2010

Aditya Sinha

this guy edits a newspaper and also expresses his opinion.
we have to give him a chance as he grows up.
and he gets a salary also for growing up.
the people of tamilnadu will bear everything ,that is the burden when you are lucky to be blessed with a culture and a land like the tamil land.
everyone will and does come here and will make the best attempts to work out something which makes them feel better than what they see around them.
Aditya Sinha is growing up and some time in the future,he will understand that the people of Tamilnadu were exceptionally magnanimous when they cradled him as he grew up.,+UPA,+Manmohan+Singh,+Pranab+Mukherjee&SectionName=aVlZZy44Xq0bJKAA84nwcg==

At the moment,he cuts a sorry figure.

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