Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the thackerays

they are confirmed examples of all sound and fury over nothing.
infact,they have left themselves exposed to far worse comparisons,like empty vessels.
it is their state and who will try to oppose the use of marathi,it is maharashtra and if nothing is done to save marathi there,then where will marathi be saved and sustained.
why do the thackerays then feel the need to act like they are in a sinking ship,like the state is ruled by north indian kings.
a wise leader will know what needs to be done,a leader who does not know the way will resort to threats,bal thackeray at this age still does not have it in him to counsel wisdom,he is still the guy who gains pleasure and adulation from targeting people who are not used to being targeted.
after all these years in politics,can he reveal some real achievement that he has to his credit.
a siva sena person was talking on tv yesterday quoting some document from the sixties where it was said that locals should have predominance in jobs.
does anyone have a contrary opinion.if they need to go to some obscure document from fifty years back to affirm something that is common sense,then they are failures as politicians.
and the thackerays always fall back to raising the issue of the south,try enforcing hindi there,etc.
the south is taking care of their languages,not by attacking northerners.such behaviour is spotted in untrained and unskilled school or college kids.not by established politicians hailing from the soil.

Rahul gandhi has taken the argument to its logical end by asking about the silence of the thackerays during 26/11 and after.
will the thackerays now also tell that they do not want any policeman or armyman stationed in their territory who hails from outside.
it is the thackerays who have insulted the armed forces of the nation by going out and hitting people of other areas living in maharashtra.
udhav thackeray is speaking the language of the sangh parivar,the failed language,of acting cool and smartand too clever,by telling that the maharashtra police have been insulted.
the guy needs to know that going out and acting tough reveals the lack of inteligence,and nothing else.
these guys have fallen victim to the addiction of talking big and acting big.that is all they have achieved in their careers.
it is time that they changed their tack.


Balvinder Singh said...

I feel that for Bal and Udhav Thakereys, it is the battle of survival. With Raj Thakerey walking away with assembly seats in the recent elections the shiv sena family just wants to hang on to some straw while their ship is sinks. And what better straw than the linguistic and 'sons of the soil' card. Even Rahul gandhi culd not avoid the temptetation and has jumped on to the bandwagon of the ongoing controvercy.

BK Chowla, said...

All I want to know is, if they are the real problem creators ,why is the Govt quiet.
Once you find an answer to this, you will have all the answers

samurai said...

balvinder,rahul gandhi has asked the natural corollary question,will the thackerays tell that when maharashtra is attacked by terrorists,then no person of the armed forces hailing from outside must come and fight on their behalf.
the thackerays have no finesse and are charging ahead leaving themselves open to ridicule.
if it is their electoral defeats that is causing this,i cannot understand how targeting shahrukh khan will get them anything other than media attention.they are turning themselves into a farce by revealing their standards in the cause of marathi.

mr chowla,they are walking a fine line in trying to get the govt to take action against them and then project themselves as martyrs.
that is how bal thackeray has decided to save marathi and india.
he has no other constructive opinion.
the govt wont oblige him,without any action,he will fade away into oblivion.
of course,this time,they are getting exposed much more,also if the media and the public play it cool,and ask the serious questions,why should cricket be affected etc,instead of getting agitated,the thackerays will be tongue tied.