Monday, February 1, 2010

Dishonesty and Failure

The Hindu,the newspaper that the people of Tamilnadu have come to respect has slipped up.
the proportions of the tragedy were not evident to all of us,conditioned as we were in a type of herd mentality,either against a terrorism or believing that our hero would have planned for all contingencies.
martyrdom is the best result for a warrior and if the supreme hero has attained it,it is in the tryst with destiny.
if he lives to fight another day,it is again in  a tryst with destiny.

but,as for the rest of us,we were not able to separate ourselves from the events,caught as we were in one or the another extreme position.
this is best illustrated by the inability of a newspaper with the pedigree of The Hindu to extricate itself from the clutches of the past and have a rethink,in view of the events.
this inability has reached a nadir in the reporting of the election results where not one mention was made of the way the tamils voted.

It was left for the next day and an op-ed article.

all of us have to realise that we failed in reaching the correct understanding and the necessary approach.
some of us,like the congress leaders ,hopelessly failed in raising the issue of civilian casualties in a way that would have stopped the victory-rush victim rajapakse.
vellore gnanasekaran for all his dedication to rajiv gandhi,committed the folly of describing the ltte as having killed more tamils than the sri lankan army itself.
these people's total identification with the leadership of the country cannot allow them to behave with indiescretion when the issue of a nation and its people are concerned.
elangovan and kharventhan,for whatever knowledge they possess,are grossly out of touch and are infact behaving like fools,it has to be said.
a veteran leader like era anbarasu could not realise the need for balance and judgement.
less said about the ingratitude that is subramanian swamy,the better.

and then,there are ramadoss and vaiko,who were the worst offenders in this failure to act commensurately,targeting kalaignar as they did with the least application of mind;especially makkal tv and its election day coverage.

rajapakse is behaving as if all is well and cool,indeed.
there is nothing out there to resemble the end of a war,it's just a victory like any other in any other election.
there has been nothing in the eight months before and now after the victory acknowledging that the end of a war needs a statement of  a plan to redress the original grievances.
13 th amendment plus is content for everyone right now.
cnn-ibn has shown that the graves of the ltte fighters have been razed to the ground.
the victor rewrites the history and we can watch it now,we the idiots and the imbeciles.
The Hindu newspaper will continue to espouse leftist politics,going back to che guevara,and will also support the palestinian cause.

are we all ,including The Hindu,unable to realise that what is happening in the island of ceylon is the basic affirmation of human tendency,the inability to be just and wise even after suffering the consequences for earlier behaviour.
The sri lankan president and the people of sri lanka have begun to affirm,buddhism or no buddhism,that there is no chance that man can summon genuine introspection ,atonement or reconciliation
a fight has to be conducted to gain one's rights,no one is going to give it on their own.

if at all there were a people and a culture which has a legacy of simplicity and self sacrifice,honour wisdom and large heartedness,they have been vanquished and the wounds are raw.

kalaignar's wait and watch was the response of the statesman who has seen it all.
he had given up government and yet there was no unity among the eelam tamils,as is also the case now.
he could not give up another time and lose the cause here too,he did what was necessary.
yesterday's meeting with shiva shankar menon would have seen the expression of all the injured feelings,now when ramadoss and everyone are quiet.
and still,elangovan and swamy are acting out their idiocy.

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