Wednesday, February 3, 2010

osama bin laden

he has acquired a new image and purpose by projecting himself as ideologically opposed to the west and its capitalistic system.
if he has the intelligence,he will also delink islam from the political fight against the west and the regime in saudi arabia.
islam is their religion which god gave for their moral well being.
in political fights,only the weak will invoke their religion for sustenance.
it is dragging god into earthly matters.

without the label of islam,the al qaeda will become a cutting edge counter force to the west.
al qaeda must delink from the lashkar e taiba and its foolish attempts to target indian cities.
kashmir is a political dispute and there is absolutely no room for bringing islam into it.
only the most basic fool will try to begin to believe that the mass of humanity living in the civilasational heartland of the world does not have the blessings of god.
any simpleton will realise that the cradle of humanity has absorbed and nourished all the methods and thinking of all humans,who once passed through or hailed from here.
reverse engineering of the variety attempted by the lashkar e taiba,wanting to be better and purer than the original is laughable,especially in the face of the diversity of the motherland.
if the al qaeda is thinking of attacking the vast indian country,especially the south,in search of media frenzy,they will be doing it at the expense of their stock plummetting.

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