Tuesday, January 26, 2010


the involvement of students in agitations somehow results in the feeling that there is a quality of purity and urgency to the issue at hand.
what is puzzling is how is it that the students who have to work up the ladder in every aspect of life are deemed to possess political wisdom beyond their years.
do they suddenly in a flash arrive at knowledge beyond that possessed by the workers of the political system.
without enlightened leadership,the involvement of students can only result in chaos and tragedy.
tiruchy siva,the DMK rajya sabha MP in an interview revealed an incident from his college days when students who wanted to agitate on an issue were counselled by kalaignar.
They were told to take care of their education and leave the issues to the political leaders.

In telengana,KCR is gaining in perception as someone who engaged in opportunism without going the honourable way.

in the same way,european countries like greece have anarchists who just go about attacking the system to vent frustration at some thing that rankles them.there is a fashionableness to such random vandalism in the context of total disconnect from the workings of the political system.

a leadership with the right arguments and just causes will also ensure that students are not used out of turn.


BK Chowla, said...

Unfortunately,students are being and have been used by politicians for the last over 20 yrs.
It is upto the students to realise that it is important for them to complete their studies before they mess around in Politics.

samurai said...

i think that the original sin lies with jayaprakash narayan who could not resist the urge to mobilise crowds against the democratically elected government of indira Gandhi.
some of our politicians have an all or nothing approach,like mamata bannerjee who thinks that drama is the only way to defeat the ruling party.
jp's movement could have been the trendsetter for the country but the pedestrian response of mass chaos did not get him or the country anywhere,except a brief delay in the onward march.