Wednesday, February 17, 2010

al qaeda and taliban

Some body linked to Al Qaeda has spoken about attacking India as we are allied with the U.S.
The dishonourable taliban allowed some criminals to disembark from a hijacked plane and melt away into Pakistan and still expect India to welcome the Taliban back.
We have responsibility and we also have maturity in addition to honour.We are not capable of  losing sight of honour in our earthly dealings.
any honourable government will not give safe passage for criminals wanted in another country.
it is a signal of open hostility when that happens.
when a government does that,it reveals that it has failed to uphold the standards that a people aspire to.
Having revealed hostility,they cannot ask for us to keep away.
having drawn us inside with a declaration of hostility,why are they now kicking and screaming and telling that they will come all the way over here and attack sportsmen.
if they had applied their minds,what is the necessity to now come all the way to India and attack sportsmen and unarmed public.
it is something like the pakistani taliban telling that they will help the pakistani army to fight India.
the talk is big but there is an inability to play by and within some rules.

if they are not able to think twice before declaring hostility,what it means is that they have failed to live an ordered life.
If it was a one-time mistake,then they have to extend their apologies and ask for friendship.
Instead,even when they are out of power in their country and their country is being wrecked and savaged,the taliban party and its ally al qaeda are talking about attacking India.

Only the worthless and the despicable will try to remain alive for going and killing others who are taking care of their business.
Taking care of our business means that we have to ensure that those who did not live up to standards and procedures will not be entertained.
If the taliban wants to come back to power with honour,they have to first apologise to India and buy peace with India.

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