Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pune Blast

The central government has to begin the knock out round.
If we are to stay as one country,then there cannot be any person in this country who pretends that he is bigger or different than the others.
no one should perform the act that he is some thing special as he is openly anti-minority.
being openly anti-minority is the badge of honour that narendra modi,pravin togadia and pramod muthalik wear.
since being openly anti-minority should come out as heroic,they have to also spread the impression that our ancestors did not know how to react when faced with outsiders.that our ancestors knew better than these anti-minority actors is evident to the majority who have no time for these anti-minority actors.
these three and all the others of their groups are always eager to give the impression to the minority that they are powerful as they are the majority.
if anyone like ravi shankar prasad talks anymore about vote bank politics,he should be collectively cursed to rot on earth.
the liars were aware that their activities will be under focus.
hence,they have been quick to make themselves present and have tried to raise the pitch and divert.

everybody is a citizen of the land by law.
that will suffice for anyone feeling insecure.
so,the attempt by the parishads,sanghs and the senas is to always pretend that the law is not for them.
it is time to give the stick to the idiots.
if anybody tries to depict hate politics as being intended to keep his flock together, his face should be blackened.
every one has the right to keep their flock together.
no one has the right to abuse and spread hatred.
if someone gives out the picture that he is special as he is having more numbers,the balance and equilibrium are disturbed.
and it will be a long time before they are restored.
ensuring that everyone gets their due must be the work of the government.
the due of liars is to get kicked into correction.
that is the work of the government.

if you do not nip such acts in the bud,then you will only face more human is going to let himself be led into continuous oppression.
if there is a genuine problem,then there is a genuine solution.a genuine solution does not need an anti-minority actor to go out and beat others in public and at times in connivance with the government.

a digvijay singh does not need to answer to a rajdeep sardesai and an arnab goswami,who try to act out to the middle classes that they know that extra something ,so much is their knowledge that they can even pretend to be one up on a two time chief minister.
now,the media is occupied with the tragedy of the siblings'death.they are also part of the reason for that tragedy by their penchant to reduce a serious issue into one of sensationalism and mock superiority.a group which bullies and pretends to be saving everyone else should not be entertained,even in mock superiority.
an sms poll conducted daily,sometimes in the act that it is the media's duty to expose the goverment becomes a joke after a while.the trivialisation and the sensationalisation are also behind the tragedies of the lumpens getting big.

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