Thursday, January 7, 2010

The long march

the communist party of china had reason to engage in the protracted struggle as there was the basic and fundamental question of ideology of the times.

The communist party of today has slowly taken in facets of capitalism over the base foundation of a communist society.The one party rule has not been something of supreme perfection but one where the malady of corruption persists.Splendid isolation will result in what North Korea has turned out to be.Cuba is one stand out example which has stood the test of time and achieved success albeit with rebels fleeing to the United States.The Island of 110 square kms is surely a rare exception.

Why are the Al qaeda and our maoists resorting to their own long march when there is the easier and surer way of achieving change through dialogue and interaction.
There is surely no one who can be called dead against the strict enforcement of Islam as Al qaeda would probably want.
If it is thinking of turning the entire world into an islamic place,it must have been thinking along the lines of a 100,000 year war at the end of which they would hopefully understand the hopelessness of their cause.
If their intention is to act as a pressure group and motivate change of policy and governments,the results do not bear out.
Similarly,our maoists should understand that there cannot be anyone in our country today who would not give a chance for socialist paradigms to occupy centerstage.

These two forces continue their long march to nowhere,too much engaged in the day to day progress to try to get a bird s eye view of their march into oblivion.
Democratic methods and the internet make the dissemination of  ideology very effective.
The tool which today has given a openness to the World should be used by these groups to come out into the open and take their ideology to the people.


BK Chowla said...

Yes,negotiations and talk is the answer.But,what about politics-it is all about politics and who blinks first.

BK Chowla said...

AL Queada surely has a problem which the world has to know.All the world know is that they are on killing spree.
As for Maoists,sooner or later they will come on the table to talk-they are own people who are angry

Balvinder Singh said...

Dinesh u are right that the muslims and the maoists have chosen a route of long march by indulging in violence rather than chosing the shorter path of negociations. But then there are right thinking muslims to. You may like to read the comment of one Mr. Salman Latif here