Tuesday, December 29, 2009

osmania university

the students have to list out the grievances which are behind the agitation.the perceived suppression of the telengana culture has to be spelt out explicitly.
if the economic grievances are the predominant ones,they are ones that can be rectified.
a splitting away is the least imaginative process.
after the splitting up,if and when there is not enough progress and satisfaction,what will the students do then.
will they again vent their frustrations by burning buses?
the students have to consider that they will not be in control of the politics of the new state unless they dedicate their lives to the same politics that they are getting enmeshed with today.
if some sub region feels aggrieved later in the day,will that region also be allowed to split up,as telengana is trying to do today.
is the splitting up of the state into all of its districts the best way forward for administration.
the students have to pause and consider the addressal of the issues while being in one state.that will require the contributions of the student community which will be surely taken note of by the political bosses.
the real challenge is to intelligently address the issues within the present setup.
if the people speaking the same language cannot satisfactorily resolve their problems and redress the grievances of all the sections,how will the same be done by the various languages and regions of india.
it has been done so far for the last sixty two years;what has happened now for that process of co habitation and co operation to shut down.
the attitude that is needed from all sides is one of humility and partnership.
the same is present at the national level in the present time and for the future to be secure and stable,the people of andhra and telengana will have to resolve all the issues in the spirit of common sense.

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