Thursday, December 3, 2009

why has this come about
these are the results of the british transfer of power in 1948 and the resulting discrimination of the majority.the sinhalese committed their acts inspite of the knowledge that the tamils pre dated them on the island or just because of that fact.
as the seeds were sown by their acts in the fifties,the playing with fire has begun anew.there is still no clear solution in place for which a consensus is apparently needed.the consensus to defeat the eelam army was probably there and they were also probably deeply involved in the war to have thought about the solution.
now,there will be the process of democratic exercises with no clear route or outcome has all been finally brought back to the flux of the electoral processes.
such a slowing down of the entire matter and the bogging down into electoral politics is taking the people and truth and justice and common sense for granted.
the person who prosecuted the war as president was supposedly playing a historical role and should have placed the solution that he had developed in front of the people.if he would have been accepted and if his solution would have been accepted,he would continue as the event of rejection,he would have receded from the scene having done his part of the bargain;defeat of the enemy army and a proposal to solve the fundamental issue.
what we have instead is the personality contest and the charade and the joke and the sick attempt of diversionary tactics.
i wish the tamil people who have gone through too much are spared the long drawn out playing out of the international political unholiness and the accursed jockeying and manipulations of the so called international system and are able to collectively gain their destiny.
given what is in hand,this is what might be done but a total rejection of this unwholesome descent into indecent diversion is called for.
if there is truth and if it shall triumph,there will be unity.

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