Thursday, December 3, 2009

al qaeda

they have been at it again,this time in somalia.
the motto seems to be,lets fight all over the world for all time to come,we will be fighting forever till the end of time,we will see who remains standing.
these guys have become addicted to violence.the addiction must also have happened because of an inability to understand what others are doing everywhere else.these others are doing things in business,science,etc.they are constantly doing something.the al qaeda affiliates do not know what to make of all this,whether to begin to join the rest or to just remain doing what we were doing.not being able to go either way,they have decided to instead fight the others.fight and achieve what,not exactly sure.if the others will fight back,as they only will,what is the objective.
if it is israel that is the problem,they can ask for an immediate return to pre 1967 and can help the palestinians to regain all they have lost.they can get together,if that is possible,and stop selling oil to the world.they can demand a return to pre 1967 immediately.
the american need to be everywhere is the primary reason for all of the al qaeda and other problems.
they want to be everywhere doing everything and then they want to call it "our way of life".
they want the oil of the middle east,the markets of india,the money of china,all for "our way of life".
if they can do something within their own country and then call it "our way of life",they will be congratulated.
having gone everywhere and destroyed everything everywhere,they are now trying to keep everything in our control,as otherwise,"our way of life"will be at peril.
for "our way of life",they need to destroy everything everywhere.
and they have now received competition from another group who wants to take "our way of life" to them.
the al qaeda have begun the same process in the opposite direction.
since there is a mismatch between the two sides,one side resorts to things that have come to be called "terrorism".
the americans can kill civilians and call it collateral damage,in the quest for "our way of life".
the al qaeda cannot kill civilians,though,in the quest for their way of life.
the rest of the world including us have to be searching for economic activity as otherwise,it is believed that societies will stagnate and fragment.
to prevent such a stagnation and fragmentation,god sent his message through the prophet mohammed.but,now,his followers are involved in using that message to underpin their fight against another group;this group is not seeking to take its message, that it also received from god, to the rest of the world but is severely deranged in the quest for wealth.
the al qaeda has to therefore eschew mixing up its religion with its fight.
its religion should be helping it in resolving its earthly matters and disputes not be the reason for the fight.
they have to spell out what exactly they are striving for.
if they want to turn saudi arabia into a different type of country,one which becomes the supreme centre of the islamic world,they also have to spell out whether they will continue to sell oil to the rest of the world or they will stop selling it and revert to the ways of the desert as it was earlier.
the americans have to spell out who they are to overturn everything they assume themselves to be more talented than any one anytime in history.if they possess that kind of talent,then they can easily use that talent to talk to people everywhere and get them to learn from them with bated breath.
they are two sides of the same coin,the americans and al qaeda,seeking supremacy in the garb of something else.
it is time to call their bluff,since we have now begun to interact with them,we can stay engaged and find out what they feel when hard questions are asked of them.
if they turn brattish and try to go back on agreements,we should be ready for that.
the taliban should be asked to register themselves as a political party and spell out what they wish to do if they gain power.
if the people do not support them,they have to wait and work,to get their opinion across.
if they support them,it is the will of the people.
the israeli criminals got the support of the united states when they did not uphold the will of the people of the gaza strip.
it is upto the europeans now.

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BK Chowla said...

They are a declared terror organisation.They have a well defined agenda which they are following. In such case how will they register as a political party?