Friday, December 4, 2009

Sushma Swaraj

as she began to speak on her calling attention notice,there were a few shouts about the bjps record in gujarat.
i thought that it was inappropriate at that time,as it sounded out of place at a moment when she was going to speak on the plight of the sri lankan did not look fair neither did it look convincing;at that moment when she was speaking.
the speech was a very good one;during moments of the speech,there was a sense of oneness because of her passionate questioning of the government.she quoted bharatiar and also finished with a line in tamil asking about when the people would come out of the barbed wire camps.
it was good until one begins to think about the events of gujarat in 2002 and how a minority related event was taken as a provocation and how the government had sided with the mobs that were let loose with the intention of teaching a lesson to the minority.
it was exactly similar to what happened in 1983 in the anti tamil riots.

whereas,the indian government had not enacted any anti muslim legislations like the sinhalese anti tamil legislations,the events of gujarat were a one off event where a bjp government allowed a communal riot to go out of control by not acting decisively.but,the bjp had the history of being anti muslim.
that was the faultline of the bjp, ostensibly wanting to mobilise hindus but turning out to be anti muslim.
all of the events that followed were traced back to those events of february 2002 in gujarat.
it can be assumed that kasab and his fellow terrorists were shown images of the gujarat riots during their indoctrination.

while sushma swarajs intervention was appreciated by all the members present including the external affairs minister,the references to gujarat by the congress members was not without justification.
the important lesson that mistreating the minorities and antagonizing them will cause the disruption of peace and normality was to be learnt.
the issues that she raised and the assurance that she got from s m krishna for a visit of a parliamentary delegation and the opportunity that she developed for members of all parties to voice their thoughts and concerns ensures that her contribution was one of substance.
the questions that thol thirumavalavan asked of the status and condition of the prisoners of war have to be answered by the ministry.


BK Chowla said...

Presently,she is wanting to secure her position in the Party because of Advani's sure exit soon.

samurai said...

sir,after the loss in 2004,she wanted to incite emotions by telling that she will shave her head and become a sanyasin if sonia gandhi became pm.
such reactions are what are not in the spirit of our country.the assumption that we are some monolith.
and the least respect for the outcomes of democracy.
the bjp with the rss behind it thinks that is going somewhere,where exactly they are not aware of.they have the absolutely wrong approach to defining and nourishing the culture of the land.they still might be thinking that they are southward bound after the victory in karnataka,which was all about occupying the space which was created.
it is unimaginable that some group from nagpur is assuming to become martial on everyones behalf,it is the height of absurdity.
and raising the muslim bogey is the zenith of this absurdity.
these guys are totally confused and misadvised and are leading thousands of right thinking and right living indians into dissolution.
what will sushma swaraj be able to do given the noose around the neck of the rss.