Tuesday, December 29, 2009

truth will triumph

if at all there is anything which is the nearest to getting grasped by every human,it is that truth is something to aspire to.

if the indian system has fought valiantly and patiently,it has won the trust of the kashmir people.peace and harmony are at hand which has made certain forces to resort to destroying truth in a bid to keep their hopes and dreams alive.with the changing of times,political forces have to learn to adapt.

in sri lanka,the sri lankan system was engaged in a fight with its neighbour,the state of eelam and when there was a chance for it in the form of a global weariness and distraction,it went in for a quick decimation of the opposition.
having decimated the opposition,it was still not possible for it to treat the civilians as its own and win them over with truth love and hope.
what it did was a natural corollary of its surprise victory,which was the quest to turn the victory into all encompassing conquest.
after three decades of war,any other conflict in the world would have witnessed the healing touch and an expression of the gravity of the causes and the effects and the future.
here,in sri lanka,we have the president and his war general fighting over who will gain in stature.it never was in rajapakse to possibly become a churchill,someone who was fighting with destiny on his side.he was fighting against destiny without making the least effort to err on the side of truth.the state of eelam was not something which was illegal unjust and that state was not engaged in wanton inhumanity.it was fighting against the various forces arrayed against itself,within and outside and had a central core of discipline and was on the side of history.it was to have been engaged with trust and truth.
what happened was the designation of the state as illegal and worse,classifying the state s forces as terrorists.
this falsehood has naturally made it impossible for the surprise victors to act truthfully and honestly.all those who went along with this have the obligation to rectify the misjudgement and accept the truth and move to redress the situation forthwith.
guantonomo bay might be getting enacted in more tragic circumstances by the tribulations of the eelam forces at the hands of the victorious victims in sri lanka.

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