Tuesday, December 29, 2009

shibu soren

 he will atleast this time begin to make progress for himself and the state after learning from the past mistakes.
it is better that the congress stayed away from him as he would have felt dwarfed by the presence of the senior partner.there would not have been a stable balance with soren always feeling insecure and other players making moves to upstage him and present other permutations to the congress.
with the bjp,soren has the ideal partner in that the bjp is not an entity with which soren can develop complexes.
they are as desperate for power and are inclined to grasp the chance to stay connected to power.
it is all upto soren now;how he divides the turf with the bjp should be done first and foremost.
the congress has its hands full in needing to provide a model opposition.

what jharkhand proves is that any new state will witness the fight for power and will take quite a few terms to see the coalescence into stable forces.the process is not contributing to the longer good in any great way;in the first place,what is the necessity for the newer state if it were not for better governance.
k chandrasekara rao has gone about things in the totally wrong manner without evolving the consensus that would have provided a stable beginning.although most members from all parties have been for the formation of the new state,the jousting will surely begin if and when it happens.
the centre can unveil a timebound package for telengana,a ten year plan,and if results are not fruitful,the bifurcation of the state can be thought about then.
for now,some imaginative plans to reverse the so called exploitation would be accepted by the people of telengana.some things like land acquisition at vastly increased rates or a fast track package to accelerate development can still be a victory for k chandrasekara rao.

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BK Chowla said...

Soren ,BJP ,Congress they are all power hungry.