Friday, December 4, 2009

pakistan violence

22 people were killed in somalia yesterday,
though al-shabab has denied responsibility for the somalia blast,it is related to islamic issues.

40 have been killed in pakistan today.the lives are losing their values as the fight for power escalates.
where can we locate todays in this long list.

while we are approaching the first year in a decade without a terrorist attack,the pakistanis have been cursed to live with this fate.
there has to be a rethink somewhere,by the government or the forces enacting these blasts.
as the momentum looks like building up,the blasts will only increase.
the momentum has to be arrested immediately by the pakistani government which must state effectively that anybody is free to contest elections under the constitution and that the territory of the country of pakistan will not be allowed to go under the control of any illegitimate forces.
whoever committing any further blasts will be going against all tenets of islam if violence is resorted to without the fundamental need for it.
the same will go for afghanistan where the taliban can register for democracy if it wants to take its ideology to the people.
the americans will leave more earlier if only the taliban commits to going the democratic route and if only the taliban actually desires that.
if what they want is to fight,then they can only need the americans to continue to stay and they can continue to kill more americans as they have predicted.

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