Sunday, December 13, 2009

states re organisation

as the indian people are going through the various demands for statehood,it will also provide them with an opportunity to look at the events in sri lanka where some of us thought that the sri lankan army was justified in crushing the revolution there.
all sorts of arguments are being bandied about here for and against the formation of states and our government has also stated that it is having an open mind.
in the case of tamil eelam,when there is only one possibility and that is that of a separate country,anyone arguing for the military defeat of the eelam army should have also proposed the solution of a changed framework.
while the eelam army was performing its responsibilities in fighting against invasion,all of us have failed in not grasping the fundamentals of arguing for the change in framework and the accomodation of the justice of the aspirations and just focussing on the war.
we were guilty of going in there and trying to stifle the aspirations there;it was only natural that they reacted like they did,targeting our prime minister.rajiv gandhi was young and in a hurry and those were different times.the solution that he ensured is still the point from which things are being taken forward but there were voices among the eelam tamils who were not ready to accept anything short of nationality and who were wholly justified in their dream.
that resulted in the tragedy of us losing our prime minister and all the possibilities of a mature and strong leadership.
people like evks elangovan who are just not able to grasp the subtleness required are barging ahead like a bull in a china shop.
it looks like divine justice that we are now engaged in this state reorganisation imbroglio after not having spared the effort and the energy to ensure the right framework in sri lanka when the war was ongoing.we left it all to the vagaries of democracy and now we have fonseka spilling the beans.
whatever might have been feared from the dawn of eelam is anyway playing itself out now.
as we take stock and restate the fundamentals,it is up to us to make the forceful statement of the ideal solution in the island and not just reduce it into a bureaucratic exercise.let there not be any more cruel joke and spectacle of some benign observance and exposition of the democratic sideshow in sri more acting out of the statesmanly charade.

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