Monday, December 14, 2009


in the old days,a person might go through life with all its experiences or might withdraw from society and would gain the wisdom that could be enlightenment.he would then give his advice and help those who seek him out for guidance.
in todays world,there are either the ones who sell their advice after having reached the point of enlightenment or the ones who pick up a gun and try to get everyone to share their enlightenment by forcing them toward the right route.there are those who are willing to buy the received wisdom as there are those who believe that others can think for them on their behalf.the jihadis who believe that the rest have to be herded into what they only have grasped are the stand outs.they want to force everyone into their level of enlightenment.maybe,they are having doubts about their own enlightenment and want the brute numbers to augment their enlightenment.the indian varieties who sell wisdom are even more arrogant when one looks at it closely.they claim to possess something for everyone and are steering everyone towards their vision.
of course,there are the real people doing the real work of providing people with an anchor and are a guiding light.
there are various levels of disonesty out there in the world being practiced by the ones who use religion for the easiest vocation,sorting out the problems of people.

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