Saturday, December 12, 2009


pranab mukherjee made reference to the term when the nda undertook the splitting up of the northern states in an effort to somehow find a standing in the history of democratic india.the nuclear tests were also in the same vein.
it is the misfortune of our country that we had such miserable and undeserving people as the people in the bjp in our democratic life.
if it was a honest party and if it was involved in making a honest contribution,it would have after having lost the elections made the statement that it was honoured to have manned the helm and would strive to getting another chance where it would continue to grow and do the best.
instead,the puffed bigots keeled over.
while in power,they undertook the creation of chattisgarh,jharkand and uttaranchal.
there was also the calculation of having chief ministers.
dr ramadoss of the pmk after having reached his saturation point now would like to create his sphere where his influence will be pleasingly powerful and his writ will run.
the people are taken for rides by our dishonest and stunted politicians.
they are able to create their core vote bank and are able to carry weight but after a point,it gets boring and the cadres start migrating and that is when frustration sets in.
a honest effort to carry out good work will not get stuck for want of work.
even if it does,it is upto the creativity of the politician to fashion issues and strategies which have a possibility of rousing the people.


BK Chowla said...

This is my major complain about BJP.
They have been voted in as the opposition party in India,the role they are not fitting in .
It is time for them to take stock of the situation.

samurai said...

they have to first shed the cursed mentality that wants to foster hatred amongst people.if they want to do something for hinduism,they will have to stop lying about the past,they have to stop destroying the young minds,they have to learn that they are not remotely possessing the common sense of our people neither do they remotely possess the calibre and courage of our people.they have to shed their petty scheming and have to work with honour and discipline like the rest of our sub continent does.the indian way of thinking and living is nowhere near the foolishness of the rss.