Monday, December 28, 2009

shobhaa de,suhel seth,harish salve

the electronic media superstars have not spoken about the accident and what their eminences would want to contribute.

the superstars think that talking loudly and waxing eloquently are the ways to remedy situations.
one young girl was very rightfully led into asking about whom to vote after harish salve the lawyer tore into the system.
the one thing that needs to be done after the ruchika case is for a mechanism to which people can go when they have complaints about class 1 oficers.these officers are only human and the human tendency is to seek ways to avoid punishment at all costs.our electronic media superstars who are luckily or intelligently always leading error free lives and guilt free lives have to understand the human mentality.
common sense suggests that such class 1 officers who would be able to ensure that the system s loopholes are used effectively have to be kept safe from themselves by some mechanism where they are made to confront their misdeeds and go through the necessary expiation.
if rathore had not smiled,the media circus would have lost its crucial edge.the guy committed a very serious offense and then followed it up by doing everything possible to escape the punishment and possibly the the process,he has ended up forcing the young victim into suicide and has added to his sins.
he would have been saved from himself,as would any other human possibly in the same situation,if there had been a mechanism which would have confronted him with his crime.the old days had the bell which any citizen could use to draw the attention of the country.
the saints of the media have ended up eliciting tweets which condemned rathores wife and more such in the same vein.harish salve and kiran bedi were at their argumentative best smashing the system and everything else.the utopia that these people would pretend to be from does not exist and the real world needs real solutions from sober people.
people are prone to slipping up and what is needed is the removal of the righteous indignation of the onlooker.this needs to be replaced by the necessary sentence and the contemplation about how to avoid such slip ups,i.e how to get people to avoid these slip ups.


BK Chowla said...

You are perhaps mentioning the programme on NDTV.
I would suggest you must look at not one but a series of incidents in the recent past.What we see is not the human error, it is simple corruption by the class officers who are protected by the law which is made by them themselves and are protected.
This is not fair

samurai said...

yes sir,i was watching 'the big fight' on ndtv.
with wealth and power comes trouble.and who does not want to get out of trouble.
it must be stressed that it is a human failing and whoever in similar situations and positions would have fallen prey to the urge to use violence.
the media must not portray them as villains but also as victims of their excesses.
the sentence as prescribed by law must be undertaken with is the natural corrective remedy for the illness of excess.
if there are jails like the new prison in chennai,it will help the individual to come out as a vastly better person.