Saturday, December 26, 2009

sri lanka

after thirty years of fighting and after one side has said that it is silencing its guns,has there been one statement from the other side,basking in its triumph,that went to the fundamentals.
what was surely and absolutely inevitable was the stating of the fact that the tamils were a part of the country of sri lanka and had been so from the beginning of time as were all of the others and that there would be a totally free democracy which would belong to everyone living on the island.
a few lines in tamil from rajapakse were all that came.
the symbolism was all that the end of thirty years of bloodshed merited.
the reconciliation and the closure never came.
what we have instead is just another democratic contest.
the number of civilians killed inspite of the best efforts of the sri lankan army,the most disciplined army in the world,has not yet been spelled out clearly.
is anyone asking about it?
the need of the hour for the tamils is not to vote in the elections,which have come after the victory and not after the resolution.
if rajapakse needs a re affirmation to then start acting,that will not be coming.
this is the end of a long and painful period and not the end of one political term,which it is not anyway.
as the west ferrets out the information,the real numbers of the civilians who died should come out.
having enclosed the eelam government and civilians to a small stretch of land,what prevented the government from bringing in the outside world to watch the desperate acts of the terrorists.
why was the government least bothered about the civilian casualties and most bothered about a clinical finish.
was the government afraid that it had no case.why was it getting reinforced by outside forces?

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