Tuesday, December 1, 2009


one russian rouble is worth 1.591 Indian rupees.
in russia,the average level of a bribe among the lower bureaucracy is 27 000 roubles today,almost 40 000 rupees.
i think that our levels might be around 5 000 rupees.
there is a report of a witch hunt which is actually state terrorism at its worst.the person was ultimately left to die without any process allowing him the chance to regain his former position.they finished him.that is the worst that a strong political organisation can manage to do.it reveals the degree of easy and pervasive corruption which also manages to justify to protect its turf.



BK Chowla said...

May be you are underestimating Indian capacity of taking bribe.
How can we explain the rise of income of politicians four fold in a span of 5 years?

samurai said...

sir,i think that politicians are called upon to resolve disputes and snce their resolutions of the disputes are fast and authoritative,they take a percentage.they have to be reasonable while resolving the issues and cannot go around making enemies.
politicians have also got onto the entrepreneur wagon in a big way and they use their influence in getting into the right businesses at the right times.
i think the difference between the north and the south is a world.
here,things have continued to get decent and professional except when parties like the aiadmk and people like the bellary reddys gain power.
but surely,when one looks at the bureaucracy,the average bribe of 40 000 in russia at the lower levels,it is un imaginable,the proportions of greed.