Tuesday, December 1, 2009


a successful politician will first and foremost have a balance and would not get unduly excited or worked up over the various things that are brought to his notice.
he would possess the quality of being comfortable with people and vice versa.
he has to be aware of the problems and the issues of all strata of society.
he has to have the ability to communicate and get to the crux of the issue in a manner which is understood effectively by everyone.
he will interact with various people on various issues and ensure that things keep moving.
a politician is the most effective communicator and becoming one is a tough endeavour and becoming a successful one is even tougher.
what we have today is some educated people who have access and the ability to deliver their thoughts and sundry tv anchors behaving and assuming that a politician is a dispensable person and merits the least of their respect.
such opinions have also to be taken in by the politicians in their stride as another of the pitfalls of public life.
the job of the politician today is also inclusive of the handling of some educated and socially illiterate types who alway pour scorn and diatribe.
becoming a politician is the way for a person to walk the talk while others only continue talking.
he is the most important person in society to whom every issue is taken and who develops wisdom and judgement through the years which is the primary tool for resolving conflicts.a politician will have the ability to pronounce opinion on a subject which will be authoritative and balanced.
some of the youth can be seen asking for educated people only to come into politics.such opinions are derived from the confidence that is developed from having received an education.the feeling is that of having arrived after considerable struggle and then not getting any special position in society which gives value to that education in the socially relevant issues.the education is for the job that one has set out to do and not for the job of governing and ensuring balance in society.those who are active in that sphere will have to be looked up to and understood when one wants to get interested in the issues of the day.
what we have instead is the opposite,the straightaway abject criticism and the accompanying removal from the normal functioning of society.
the refuge is the internet where the more harshly one criticises and rubbishes,the more the like minded converge.
the inernet has become the place where all the people who have education and jobs are involved in the search for some readymade quick fix.the more they exist in such states of removal from the actual mechanisms of society,the more we will have of the types who cannot summon a decency when reacting to happenings like 26/11.
there will be a total breakdown of equanimity and what will be on show will be the rattled netizen who has been brought back to earth abruptly.
he/she will be screaming and abusing.
there will be no realisation that there has to be a composure in the face of the gravest situations.


BK Chowla said...

Do we now have a choice to choose our representative? May be,it is between a thief-a decoit-a sharp shooter.
It is unfortunate that in India democracy is being taken for granted where as most of us including the political class do not understand the meaning of democracy.
Only yesterday,question hour was a joke in the parliament.

samurai said...

hello mr chowla,
thank you for beginning to follow my blog, some sign of activity here very rarely.
there are various shortfalls in our democracy.a honest opposition would realise that there are voices to be heard and work to be done and if they stick to that work they will be given a chance.
unfortunately,our opposition parties think that they are still in the mid seventies and cannot come out of their agitationist mode.
it is great for democracy that people of your experience are beginning to get involved in the contribution to bettering our democracy.we can and will go from strength to strength.
the choices are not stark.
like our home minister said on ndtv,there is always choice available.
a good candidate can always get himself heard.
it is a highly competitive environment and the rewards are also there.anybody going beyond reasonable limits also has to satisfy his constituents and also has to take the constituency forward.if the people remain stuck with their narrow affiliations or if the politicians are not having the vision,there is nothing that can be done.
that s where the role of people like you come in,a responsible media will also highlight the issues that matter instead of tarring everyone with the same brush or always looking out for sensationalism.
all of us have to join political parties and make it happen.