Monday, November 30, 2009

human touch

the neat approach to law enforcement will be to effect maximum force when confronting a criminal and then feel smug and sure about achieving.
the worst offenders might feel better if they are confronted by a professional with a human touch instead of warriors on a mission.
there should be a no nonsense approach to offenders but tempered with some realisation that what the other person might be going through is not easy.


BK Chowla said...

It is a very controversial subject and is bound to have different approach.
Is the Isreali approach correct?
Is the Indian approach correct?
Why is Afzal Guru still around?
Why is Kasab getting VIP treatment?

samurai said...

sir,the israelis are criminals who do not care about what their actions are doing to the rest of the world.they have no control over their greed and are playing with destiny.
sir,would you like kasab to be held in conditions that are unclean,maybe nasty,the occasional beating etc.
if anythng happens to him,if he commits suicide,what will pakistan have to understand the complexities.
can you imagine how his mother will feel if she sees his footage on tv,the prime minister voiced his feelings of the mothers who have to see their children in such conditions.
how can any intelligent human being turn that around and say that the prime minister does not have similar feelings for the victims of terrorism.
the bjp which is the sickness of our country will do that.
they will demolish a mosque and take us back to the 1500s.why cannot the hafiz saeeds also think about the same,their thoughts will be taken back to those times when they dominated militarily over the idol worshippers.
if the bjp wants to take things back,then why cannot the bjp expect the attacks from the north west which also took place in the 1500s.
who are the bjp to give the wrong portrayal of history.
my ancestors and your ancestors did what was needed when they were faced with aggression.
they were not imbeciles to reject something good that the outsiders brought.if the outsiders brought some menace,it was resisted as was necessary.
the people who came in did not come from space but from the neighbourhood.
as for afzal guru,even if he has been found without any doubt to have participated in the conspiracy to attack parliament,he was only fighting against the oppression of the indian state,is that not why he would have attacked parliament.
when such sentiments are predominant,we can become cold blooded murderers,full of conviction,like the sinhalese,or we can try and address the grievances while also defending our country and its borders.
thousands of soldiers have fought for the country and we have held elections and we have given the kashmiris a second opportunity to consider the unity and diversity of india as also needing them and where they will belong rightfully.
at such a time,the forces who are not happy,the fundamentalists,need afzal gurus case,the amarnath dispute etc to gain a new life.