Friday, December 18, 2009

Meira Kumar

The speaker s role has been performed with responsibility and dignity by the speaker of the fifteenth lok sabha.
the earlier speakers did not get the chance to be seen live on television.i remember p a sangma,shivraj patil and gmc balayogi.
somnath chatterjee gave impetus to the birth of the lok sabha channel,his experience was always evident when he handled the various demands of the members.he was always encouraging the younger members and ministers with words of appreciation.
meira kumar came across as a person who was not expected to don the mantle easily as she had the image of a very formal and almost shy person.
but,now she has also used her experience and has performed her role with is a unique and a very powerful presence to have a woman speaker.

the last day of the winter session again witnessed the enactment of undignified and unparallelled noisy clamouring.this again reveals the lack of an awareness of the importance of being a member of parliament and all the avenues to raise every matter.there is a unbecoming resort to raising the noise levels to gain a mention in the electronic media.
the height of this type of unstatesmanly and street type ruckus was recorded by the bharatiya janata party whose leader has very kindly stepped out of the scene and the long charade of possessing substance.he could never rise to the occasion and the episode during the home ministers speech on the liberhan report was the last and final act of the inglorious helmsmanship of the opposition.
but,he has always placed himself in a position where he gets the benefit of the doubt and earns the respect of the senior parliamentarian that he is.for all of his shortcomings,he was someone who was always at hand to provide the opposition.he never tried to raise himself to establish standards and leaves behind not one name in his party who can be called an energetic and disciplined parliamentarian.
at the end of the day,there will be a gaping vacuum in the bjp benches with the likes of ananth kumar and shahnawaz hussain probably the ones on the front row with sushma swaraj.
the communist members who have a very strong and experienced profile will probably become more active and show the way to the untrained bjp members.


BK Chowla said...

And , during the confusion on the last day of Parliament,a lot of bills got passed without any discussions.
We say it is democracy.

samurai said...

sir,it could also suit the ruling party to have such an opposition,which is the ultimate shame that the bjp can heap on itself and on the indian people.
it is time that the communists realise that they have an opportunity to occupy the opposition space ,if only they can reinvent themselves and develop leaders who are able to speak the regional languages.the issues are there and so is the audience but there is no body who has the intelligence to grasp it.