Saturday, December 26, 2009

why telengana did not materialise

by talking about exploitation,the trs has lost its raison d' etre.
if unjust exploitation is there,it is the job of the trs as a political party to oppose raise it when a separate state is being asked for is to reduce the debate to a level where the trs can only expect its bluff to be called.actually,there is a need for the centre to step up its campaign against such opportunistic dramas.
it is upto the trs to demonstrate why there cannot be equitable development within a single the absence of a case,there will not be a bifurcation.
veerappa moily has rightly said that it is not a monarchy where there can be grants for favourite or spoilt children.
the throwing of fits and tantrums should be allowed and made to blow up in the face of outfits like the trs.
martyrhood is not available for the taking.
you have to show why there is a case for a smaller unit.
petulant outbursts against exploiters are not in the fitness of things.


BK Chowla said...

I don't agree with you. How and why did PC agreed to Telangana on the 9th Dec?
Who instructed him?

samurai said...

sir,though i was not following the developments when they happened,the all party meeting that was convened on the 7 th december witnessed all the political parties supporting the formation of telengana.with one guy fasting and the students reacting like they did,utterly predictably and boringly,why would the congress have wanted to become the sole villain.the faster was handed out his clamour and then the faster realised that he was not nearly equipped to have the destiny,which if he had and if his goal was singleminded and sincere,he would have long achieved it without too much of a fuss.