Friday, December 11, 2009


the announcement of the initiation of the process of formation of telengana state has thrown every one concerned into a tizzy.
all are going back and forth and the blackmail element has been taken out;kcr is back in the real world,away from the win win dramatic martyrdom,just plain talk it out.
you asked for it without any real idea about the reactions of the rest,now take it and handle it.
where are all the students now,will they go out and fight?
none will enact such dramas anymore anywhere.


BK Chowla said...

It is not a master stroke.
It could be a STROKE for the nation.

samurai said...

when there is the kind of mass agitation with one leader usurping a high ground and when all the parties do not have a consistent and firm stand,why should space be ceded to the dramatists.
if kcr had made reasonable arguments that would have convinced his fellow telugus to understand,then it would have been different.
such was also probably a decision of pv narasimha rao,lkadvani wanted to be the martyr in chief,but he has ended up as the pathetic personality that he is today,everything that he was calibrating was removed from him and there he stood weeping.
you just cannot use emotions and further your political career by making fools of the people.if you want to lead the people,go the straightforward way.that is the message.the message is for all other political entrepreneurs,each will be handled and shown his place.
lkadvani sits in parliament with a forlorn look today,he will be thinking and reflecting that if only he had played honestly and worked faithfully,he might have become prime minister.he chose to take the fast short cut and ended up getting lost.
as for the nation,it is for everyone to reflect as to what kind of nation we need,especially those of us who have become fooled by the rss and others that there should be a hindu nation,and that the muslims are getting special status,such are the ways that we can fool ourselves.
deep reflection will bring out the soberness and common sense that has been with us for millennia.
sme group wearing khaki shorts wants to appropriate the common sense of a continent and twist it into making believe that the common sense springs from some unitary group.