Monday, November 30, 2009

west bengal

the situation in west bengal has been extremely bad for more than a year now.the antagonism between the left and the trinamool congress has been leading to violence very often.the cpi m has to resist the provocations and do what is needed to govern.if the momentum is with mamata,it is changing after 30 years and there is no reason to get panicky.a period in the opposition will only serve to firm up the fundamentals and evaluate the weaknesses.there was a recent conclave of the communist parties in new delhi attended as usual by delegates from all over the world.the communist parties have to re invent themselves and start to attract the youth of the country.the urban youth will readily join a party which argues reasonably for their welfare instead of being steeped in anti western fundamentalism.the need of the hour is for the communist parties to come out of their agitationist mode and get into a modern confident organisation of the communist vintage will easily stand and survive and make a comeback even if defeated in west bengal.democracy is also about being in the opposition and making genuine attempts at self reformation.the communists who are all about class elevation of societies will not at all have a problem being in the opposition as one person parties like the aiadmk might have.
all over india,there is the opposition space waiting to be tapped by some party which appears reasonable and agile.the left parties,if they merge into one party,and rename themselves as socialists or something more relevant will be a wonderful thing for the country.
the new economy is all about working people and they will be at home in a party which does not differentiate between various sections.

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