Monday, November 30, 2009

the end of buddhism in sri lanka

the exact number of members of the eelam armed forces in the custody of the sri lankan armed forces and the conditions under which they are held has not been revealed until now.
there are about 10 000 prisoners of war whom the sri lankan government is interrogating for the last five months.
the sri lankan government,having used the label of terrorism would not be constrained in using illegal methods of interrogation.
can any government anywhere in the world reveal whether they have anywhere near 10 000 terrorists in their custody.
the sri lankan government is having 10 000 terrorists in its custody,do they need lawyers to represent them or has the sri lankan government decided to model itself on guantonomo bay.
the american president and the european union president should visit sri lanka and find out how the government has managed to arrest 10 000 terrorists.
the rest of the world is least bothered about these 10 000 terrorists in the sri lankan custody as they are terrorists who are beneath human civilisational standards.these 10 000 terrorists can be dealt with in whatever manner that the sri lankan government wishes.
the blood on the world s hands will have to be answered sooner or later.the sri lankan elite who profess the religion of buddhism have revealed that this religion has utterly failed in maintaining the minimum requirements of truth and justice.
when there was fighting,it was labelled terrorism and when they have been defeated,the state will appropriate the moral higher ground and no questions will be asked.
the entire fight was never warranted and hence the suppression will be indefinite after they have been incarcerated.
it is a matter of time before the truth will come out.
the great vanquishing of the so called terrorism has now resulted in the petty quarrels of politics between the so called victors,one who got himself anointed in the historical precedent and another who is not able to rest with the laurels of defeating the so called terrorists.

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