Sunday, November 8, 2009


i was watching a war on vietnam yesterday while its been raining here like the rains of vietnam we read and watch in the movies.
in a state the size of tamilnadu,we might feel out of our comfort zones in some areas where we ve not been earlier.for the americans to be fighting in korea,vietnam,iraq and now afghanistan would have been a highly impossible task.but,they do not seem to think twice before jumping into any situation and country.this must be their method of getting to know countries around the world,by going in there with their armies.having felt that their way of life was the best and having tried to implement it everywhere,the rude shock that finally awaited them at home must have been too much to take.and just at this moment,they have a president from the minority.
the vietnamese won their war against the mighty americans as they had supply lines open through land that time,the viet cong must have looked like the most evil force on earth to the american policymakers,just like they might now be thinking about the north koreans and possibly the iranians.
the americans are now investing heavily in vietnam.
a decent way to approach life would be to try to be self sufficient.if someone is having oil and wants to jack up the prices,the same approach can be adopted while selling goods to that party.
instead of that,the americans have used oil to wage wars.if there is someone who holds nuclear weapons and looks like they would not think much about using it,the obvious response would be to rally like minded possessors of the technology and do a collective negotiating.
if the taliban is enforcing medieval methods and is regressive,the way out would be to deny that country privileged access to markets.
if iran is antagonistic to the united states,what has to be done is to guarantee israel security and get them to be flexible and arrive at a final settlement.
here,the historical blunder of having allowed israel to come up on some one elses land is the sticking point.
the vietnamese fought and gained the independence of their country.
the tamils of eelam were labelled terrorists,this was the most fundamental mistake of the sri lankan establishment.they must have pursued ways of addressing the issues which had forced the tamil youth to tke up the gun.
in kashmir,if free and fair elections were not there in the eighties,today,they have come into being.the issues were addressed all through the years of the violence.
in sri lanka,after the fighting has ended,now,the resettlement has to end,then,they are telling that they will come up with proposals.
the healing touch was not there as there was no way that the majority could reconcile with splitting its country.
if the supply lines had continued,how could this war have ended?
the international community tried this method of cutting off the supply lines of one party,in the absence of any other means of resolving conflicts of this sort,lest they be accused of intervention,as the sri lankans are doing now,after gaining the upper hand.
how many civilians had to die due to this approach,as the eelam leaderhip was not going to allow itself to be forced into a situation not conducive to its goals.
why is it so difficult to achieve the same in afghanistan,why cannot they fight the wars with the taliban by cutting off the weapons used by the taliban,every country that surrounds afghanistan is opposed to the it because the taliban are terrorists who will do anything if cornered.
they are now getting to initiate a dialogue with the good taliban.
the eelam army was disciplined and honourable,yet they were termed terrorists.
the international community,that is,primarily the west,has not been too moral in its actions while upholding its way of life.
if that had been the case,there would not be much problems in the world.
but,would the world have continued to be some uncivilised place.
there would not have been any dictators,atleast.
the only solution to all economic problems would be to base growth on ones own country.
there would then be no need for wars and issues like eelam can be easily addressed,as nations will learn to live at peace with one another.

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