Sunday, November 8, 2009


there has been unease amongst us as many reports have come in about chinas aggressive actions.
the unease must be primarily due to the feeling that china is stronger than us.
this could be an opportunity to realise that the pakistanis might have been living with the same similar feeling since independence.
part of the reason for our unease stems from the knowledge that we could not handle china in 1962.
the same feeling will be shared by the pakistanis with regard to us.
it also affords us an opportunity to consider our thoughts towards pakistan and arrive at an understanding of the way the chinese people might be viewing us in their minds.
just as we think of the irresponsible pakistanis and their acts in kashmiris,the chinese might be thinking of our irresponsible actions with regard to tibet.
the actual problems and their possible resolutions are another thing.
the electronic media has to realise that it is not helping the people by bold headlines like the one today about our disgraced cricket was a foolish headline,seen on times now.

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