Monday, November 9, 2009

raj thackeray

the poor fellows did not understand that getting into the assembly means a chance to present ones viewpoint and a chance to achieve ones goals.
urchins in school will realise the responsibilities of power better.
in a ground,when no one is overseeing,the behaviour of urchins will be different but when in the presence of elders,the same urchins will know the difference and act reverentially even though they feel different.
having an issue and having the voice to pursue it and achieve the desired result will give satisfaction to a politician,if the politician has an idea about the meaning of elected assemblies and all the avenues open in them.
the older thackeray has joined advani in the group of people whom electoral politics has put in their places for irresponsible and insidious behaviour over the years.
this thackeray will atleast now realise that he is making a joke of responsible human beings and their societal interactions.
even urchins will realise that throwing tantrums gives only petty pleasures.

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