Saturday, November 28, 2009

vhp,let etc

there is a dispute over a piece of land and a structure on it between two parties.
one of the parties mobilises a big mob with the help of his friends and attacks the structure and demolishes it.
if there is a law which is governing the land,the people who mobilised the mob will be punished.
there will not be a change in the status because the structure was demolished.
the matter will continue to be heard in the court.
the court will pronounce judgement.

how will the affected party feel,will he just shrug his shoulders and grin?
if the party which resorted to violence felt that it owned the land centuries back,it had to prove its case.failing to do so would have meant conceding defeat in the case.
if there had been a forceful and illegal acquisition in the past,it has to be proved.
if it cannot be proved,there has to respect for the law of the land.
if there are responsible people who are arguing for the case,they will explore all options available and seek to win in the court of law.
if one party implements violence and does not repect the rule of law,the other party will only feel aggrieved.
considering that islam was a religion that was new and had come into the Indian subcontinent,there would surely have been clashes between the new and the old.the new would have felt justified in being morally right in implementing their religion.
the old would have resisted.
the battle of wills was conducted over centuries and the old continued to hold sway.the new also slowly settled into the land having found its own space.
the muslims were rulers for some time ,ruling over mostly hindu subjects.
then,the rulers changed and times changed.things moved on.
there was no 1000 year war between the two,no intractable conflict,no fundamental inability to live with one another.
the friction between the old and the new slowly subsided.
now,after many centuries,after times have changed,trying to rake up all of that is not doing justice to those people of those time,who confronted each other with different ideologies and then withdrew to exist,each as he wills.

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